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Imagine SQ as friends. They’re talking and drinking a glass of cider at the mansion. Soon they start discussing about who’s better in bed. Regina says she’s the best and has lots of moves but Emma insists that she’s better because she has experience with men and women. “Prove it” says Regina with a raspy deep voice…

Happy Homes pulled Isabel from the euthanasia list recently and she is very sick battling Pneumonia . Please consider making a donation towards her care. No amount is considered too small and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

REMINDER: PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to make a pledge for a cat please click onto their photo (which is their main thread) and post your pledge there. It allows us to keep better track of pledges when it’s all posted in one place. Thank you.

A note for those folks that pledge and to those who help tally up the nightly pledges.

1- Please make sure every cat’s pledge is counted as an individual except: Ex: If there is a mom with her kittens listed together and you would like to make one pledge amount for the whole family than please just post it on the mom’s thread and specify the pledge being made is for the whole family so the pledge doesn’t get counted more than one time. It allows PODR to tally up pledges accurately.

2- Anyone wanting to pledge for a specific cat or kitten is to post the pledge amount onto their main thread by clicking onto their photo.

3-Please do not add in any pledges made from any other pages such as (NYCUC) or group pages on fb as we have no way to follow up with those.

4- We have also noticed that some people will pledge several different dollar amounts for the same cat . Please try and post one pledge dollar amount, if you would like to increase the amount that you have initially made please say something like this Ex: I’m adding another $5 to my previous $10 pledge.

5- If a cat you have pledged for prior is now being listed or relisted (Example second chances, or special pleas or in general) Please scroll through the thread first before making another pledge. We do not want to count in your pledge twice. If your
pledge still stands please say something like this (Ex: My $5 pledge still stands)

6- Your pledge cannot come with any stipulations such as a “freedom picture” of the animal rescued or that you will only pay if a particular rescue pulls. If you pledge on the thread for that animal you are committing to pay, period.

We do appreciate everyone’s cooperation and are trying to find a better way to help keep things more accurate and organized. Thank you.

Have you decided to rescue a cat on death row? The following is a list of rescues that might be able to assist. Remember, time is sensitive. They begin killing at noon, the morning after these lists are posted. Placing applications with more than one group increases the chances of someone being able to see and respond quickly— this improves your chances of being approved. When at all possible, please try to fill out applications and get approved to adopt or foster BEFORE the animal is on “the list” Time is of the essence.